Justin also referred frequently to Jesus’ death by crucifixion. On one occasion he spoke of Jesus as “Him who was crucified in Judea.”^15 In a second reference to the so-called Acts of Pontius Pilate, he declares that Jesus was nailed to the cross through his hands and feet, and that some of those present cast lots for his clothing.^16 In a more extended reference to Jesus’ death and resurrection, Justin Martyr declares: Accordingly, after He was crucified, even all His acquaintances forsook Him, having denied Him; and afterwards, when He had risen from the dead and appeared to them, and had taught them to read the prophecies in which all these things were foretold as coming to pass, and when they had seen Him ascending into heaven, and had believed, and had received power sent thence by Him upon them, and went to every race of men, they taught these things, and were called apostles.^17 In these three references Justin reports (8)that Jesus was nailed to the cross through his hands and feet and (9)was crucified (10)while his garments were taken from him. (11)His friends denied and forsook him. (12)Later, Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to his followers, (13)teaching them concerning the prophecies which he fulfilled. (14)After Jesus ascended to heaven, (15)those who believed in him went out preaching to all men and (16)were called apostles.

In another work, Dialogue with Trypho, Justin Martyr writes specifically for Jews, in order to convince them that Jesus is the Messiah. Here we also find several historical references to Jesus. For instance, Justin asserts:

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