Ignatius again affirms (7)that Jesus was physically of the lineage of David, adding (8)that he was also the Son of God as shown by the virgin birth. (9)Jesus was baptized by John, (10)later being nailed (crucified) under Pontius Pilate and Herod the tetrarch. (11)Afterward, Jesus was raised from the dead.

4 Ignatius, Trallians, 9.

5 Ignatius, Smyrneans, 1.

In a second reference in Smyrneans, Ignatius concentrates on Jesus’ resurrection: For I know and believe that He was in the flesh even after the resurrection; and when He came to Peter and his company, He said to them, Lay hold and handle me, and see that I am not a demon without a body.And straitway they touched him and they believed, being joined unto His flesh and His blood. Wherefore also they despised death, nay they were found superior to death. And after His resurrection He [both] ate with them and drank with them.^6 (Emphasis added by the editor.)