[Edited with emphasis in bold and italics by Ellopos Blog]

The very idea of women’s ordination as it is present and discussed today is the result of too many confusions and reductions… It is indeed almost entirely dominated by the old “clerical” view of the Church and the double “reduction” inherent in it: the reduction on the one hand of the Church to a “power structure”; the reduction on the other hand of that power structure to clergy. To the alleged “inferiority” of women within the secular power structure corresponds their “inferiority,” i.e., their exclusion from the clergy, within the ecclesiastical power structure. To their “liberation” in the secular society must therefore correspond their “liberation,” i.e., ordination, in the Church.

But the Church simply cannot be reduced to these categories. As long as we try to measure the ineffable mystery of her life by concepts and ideas a priori alien to her very essence, we literally mutilate her, and her real power, her glory and beauty, her transcendent truth, simply escape us…

The non-ordination of women to the priesthood has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with whatever “inferiority” we can invent or imagine.

In the essential reality which alone constitutes the content of our faith and shapes the entire life of the Church, in the reality of the Kingdom of God which is perfect communion, perfect knowledge, perfect love and ultimately the “deification” of man, there is truly “neither male nor female.”

More than that, in this reality of which we are made partakers here and now, we all—men and women, without any distinction—are “kings and priests,” for it is the essential priesthood of the human nature and vocation that the Christ has restored to us.