At 9 St. Mary Rd. (this is the name of the blog) there is a narration, full of photos (you will need some time to load the page, if you are not on a fast connection), of a trip in Greece and Cyprus, including some details about Athos Holy Mountain and monastic life.

The narrator was thinking about becoming a monk, but he wouldn’t abandon the idea of having a family and children. Thus he returns to US. “My plan was to start a computer company. I would have done this a couple years ago, had I not had plans to attend seminary. … I hadn’t lived near my family for ten years—since I left for college. I wanted them nearby. I thought it would be healthier than living alone, and if I could stay with my parents, I could save more to buy a house. I also knew there was an excellent church in the area, in Riverside. In fact, one of the fathers at Μαχαιράς [monastery in Cyprus] spent some time at that church. I consulted some of the monks, including the abbot, and they all agreed (to my surprise) that my plan sounded good. My parents thought so, too. When I came home, I talked with a few others and decided that indeed I would leave seminary.”

”I had a wonderful time in Greece and Cyprus this summer”: read complete – Cf. The Roots of Asceticism, Pictures of Greece