Here is a question from a visitor concerning Elpenor’s publication of the Psalms. I’m giving it here in case others too are in doubt.

Can you tell me why your Psalms are out of order? The text of Psalm 23 is under the heading of Psalm 22.

As is said in the cover page and everywhere, Elpenor publishes the Septuagint version of the Old Testament.

The particular numbering of the Psalms is established by the Septuagint, i.e. the Greek version of the Old Testament, therefore, Elpenor’s psalms are not ‘out of order’ but in a different order, that of the Septuagint Old Testament. Please make sure you read the whole page to learn the numbering.

As for which numbering is more authoritative, in case you doubt also about this, although numbering as such is not that important, I would place more authority to the Septuagint since, as is known, it preserves an older tradition of the Old Testament than that of the Masoretic text currently in use by Jews and Protestants.