To gain a familiarity with the method used in the preparation of the text, the identity of manuscripts compared, etc., you are welcome to read the introduction of the 1904 edition, published here in Greek, but supported also by a rather extensive summary in English, right after the first introductory text of the volume.
The current edition is illuminated with images of Byzantine manuscripts, photos of churches in Athos Holy Mount and in other places in Greece, Orthodox Icons and various Orthodox drawings.


[1] You can read more about the text in the Preface of the 1904 edition published here in Greek, with a summary in English.  Cf. also on–line The 1904 New Testament Edition of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and Future Perspectives, and Corrections to the Antoniades Patriarchal Greek Text of the New Testament. I have silently corrected the name of Βερενίκη (instead of ‘Βερνίκη’) — cf. Acts 25, 13 and 23, Acts 26, 30.

George Valsamis  — Holy Easter 2012
Preface from Elpenor’s edition of the New Testament