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Corrections to the Antoniades Patriarchal Greek Text of the New Testament

There are six corrections made by Antoniades in the 1912 edition of the Patriarchal Greek New Testament. One is the correction from the masculine to the feminine personal pronoun (1). The other personal pronoun that has many errors in MSS since in Greek has very similar Greek sound between H and Y, ἡµᾶς [us] corrected for ὑµᾶς [you] (3). There are three typographical errors (2, 4, 6). Finally, the last correction is of those that the Greek sound is very similar H and EI, the substitution of the particle δὴ with the verb δεῖ (5).


  1. Jussi Ala-Könni

    Another typo was newly found in 1904 Patriarcal edition, at Luke 4:17 epedodh. In my opinion Matthew 23:39 idete should also be in the list.

    Jussi Ala-Könni

  2. Absolutely right! Both are obvious typos, the Luke 4.17 ἐπεδόδη (instead of the correct ἐπεδόθη) and the Mat. 23.39 ἴδετε (instead of the correct ἴδητε). Both of these changes (and more) are made at the edition of the text of the Ecumenical Patriarchate as corrected by the Church of Greece.