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The Greek word order and The Word of God

Origen was the first, so far as I know, who noticed these differences (read his second book of the commentary on John). However, neither Origen nor the great fathers that followed, Gregory of Nyssa, Maximus, etc, confined themselves in interpretations based just on grammar, because there exist also traps in such a way. Especially when we deal with matters of the greatest importance, the whole context (paragraph, chapter, book, the whole Bible) should agree with the interpretation that we give. Thus, to stay in the present case, the Fathers placed emphasis rather to John’s statement that the Word was “in the beginning”. This property, being in the beginning, can really not belong to a God, but only to the God.

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  1. Stephen Todd

    Thank you so much for this little post. I am going to use this quotation in my sermon Sunday morning.