The reflex of the well-thinking is always the same: to attack the original theses to avoid the flock being confronted with a thought that disturbs. The sociologist Michel Maffesoli also dealt with this subject in at least two essays. Moreover, in a lecture he gave in October 2016 at Laval University in Quebec City, this professor emeritus of the Sorbonne took the opportunity to affirm, in a somewhat provocative formula, that “at the university, we were no longer thinking, but we were bleating,” which did not fail to make his audience of students, researchers and teachers react.

It is unfortunate that instead of favoring the debate of ideas, more and more faculties of social sciences function like impenetrable chapels proud to vouch for the imprimatur. In this way, it is forbidden to think outside the frameworks established by the guardians of the theoretically correct.
From an article by J. Blanchet-Gravel in Causeur, translated. Cf. Jérôme Blanchet-Gravel at Amazon.