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What is the problem with the Trinity?

Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House

Restricting the faith to some alleged “Hebrew Roots” that define a faith other than what ever existed removes two of the great strengths of the Christian faith – its universality and its historicity. However sincere its protagonists may be, they are describing an unrealized faith that they must assume Christ has never been able to fully realize until they came along.

Cf. On the future of Christianity in Europe – a discussion, Greek Orthodoxy – From Apostolic Times to the Present Day, The Ancient Greeks (text in Greek only)

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  1. david lee parker

    “But all of these things are closed in a darkness, away from impious people.” –My last comment of the day, promise. I love this sentence. If God could be proven by, say, a logical proof, He would be God only of logicians. God however is equally accessible to the normal, the autistic (like me), the mentally retarded (hope that’s not too un-PC); the last words Alzheimer’s victims often remember are the words of the Our Father: no human is as democratic as God.