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What is the problem with the Trinity?

Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House

There have been numerous attempts to recreate a revisionist history of the Church (e.g., “Baptist Successionism”) revolving around some sort of conspiracy of the Church of history to suppress the church that exists only in their imagination. Since Jesus was a Jew, they suppose that Christianity must have been very much like Judaism as we know it and thus they believe that by restoring some supposed Jewish roots, they will finally have the trump card on Catholics, Orthodox, Anglicans and other Christians who trace their roots further back than the American frontier.

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  1. david lee parker

    “But all of these things are closed in a darkness, away from impious people.” –My last comment of the day, promise. I love this sentence. If God could be proven by, say, a logical proof, He would be God only of logicians. God however is equally accessible to the normal, the autistic (like me), the mentally retarded (hope that’s not too un-PC); the last words Alzheimer’s victims often remember are the words of the Our Father: no human is as democratic as God.