A reader of Elpenor’s lessons in Greek asks an important question, to which I dedicate this post.

Allow me to make a comment on the basis of the following quotation from Elpenor’s second lesson: “Α Sentence in Greek is called πρότασις. The word πρότασις is formed by the preposition πρὸ (pre, for, ahead, before, in front) and the noun τάσις (tensity). A sentence, a πρότασις, is a tensity that emerges in communication and leads ahead – not just a statement, but the disclosure of something probable, which is placed in front of those who listen, calling them to estimate it carefully and bear the consequences of this estimation. Therefore, the more primary and important a πρότασις is, the more it becomes – is meant to become – a principle, a law, an ἀρχή (=beginning, principle, ground, foundation, law, rule).” (Elpenor’s second lesson, page 9).