This means, that he has in his mind something important, that makes him go out and speak to us, let us share this important understanding. It is a primary and most important πρότασις, obviously, since it refers to the ground of all creation which is beyond creation, to the Creator himself. This is not said in the way that a reporter announces a fire or a new invention or the rise of oil prices; this is an invitation to us, to let our minds rise to the cause of everything, it is said as a principle and a law which is certain for the one that pronounces it and wants to shake the foundations of our life, to change them and become our own principle too. To say it in a word, a πρότασις invites, and the more universal and important the reality to which a πρότασις invites us is, the more this πρότασις can be regarded as a principle and a law, i.e. valid for all and absolute.

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