From Dinesh D’souza, What’s So Great About Christianity


A Note on the Interpretation of Scripture

Preface: A Challenge to Believers and Unbelievers

Part I: The Future of Christianity

Chapter One: The Twilight of Atheism — The Global Triumph of Christianity

Chapter Two: Survival of the Sacred — Why Religion Is Winning

Chapter Three: God Is Not Great — The Atheist Assault on Religion

Chapter Four: Miseducating the Young — Saving Children from Their Parents

Part II: Christianity and the West

Chapter Five: Render unto Caesar — The Spiritual Basis of Limited Government

Chapter Six: The Evil That I Would Not — Christianity and Human Fallibility

Chapter Seven: Created Equal — The Origin of Human Dignity

Part III: Christianity and Science

Chapter Eight: Christianity and Reason — The Theological Roots of Science

Chapter Nine: From Logos to Cosmos — Christianity and the Invention of Invention

Chapter Ten: An Atheist Fable — Reopening the Galileo Case

Part IV: The Argument from Design

Chapter Eleven: A Universe with a Beginning — God and the Astronomers

Chapter Twelve: A Designer Planet — Man’s Special Place in Creation

Chapter Thirteen: Paley Was Right — Evolution and the Argument from Design

Chapter Fourteen: The Genesis Problem — The Methodological Atheism of Science

Part V: Christianity and Philosophy

Chapter Fifteen: The World Beyond Our Senses — Kant and the Limits of Reason

Chapter Sixteen: In the Belly of the Whale — Why Miracles Are Possible

Chapter Seventeen: A Skeptic’s Wager — Pascal and the Reasonableness of Faith

Part VI: Christianity and Suffering

Chapter Eighteen: Rethinking the Inquisition — The Exaggerated Crimes of Religion

Chapter Nineteen: A License to Kill — Atheism and the Mass Murders of History