What this implies is at the core of our argument. The Antikythera mechanism with its self-contained and self-sufficient system is a reproduction, at the scale of a hand-held box, of the cosmos as the Ancients saw it. In fact, on seeing it operating, one is immediately reminded of Plato’s cosmography described in the Timaeus (32c-35b on the self-sufficient world and its circular movement; 35c-36d on the numbers). His is a closed cosmos, self-standing, self-contained, self-moving and self-sufficient, divided along arithmetic proportions and beauty. It is as if Archimedes had condensed Plato and Aristotle into a single mechanical device. The cyclical movement of both the physical cosmos and of the pointers of its hand-held reproduction, the rotation of the ecliptic always returning upon itself creates a world resting in stability and harmony. It is also quite worthy to note that this situation had a correspondence in the polis as well as in the individual man (cf. the Republic): the person was made of a body and soul. The latter’s movements, when healthy, were in tune with the rotations of the cosmos.