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The God who did not Fail

By Sylvain Rey

The modern west is currently engaged in a deeply incoherent and, in multiple ways, dangerous experiment. On the one hand, some sectors of our society have chosen to push the old Christian insight about human freedom to absurd lengths. In this view, human beings are radically free–from God, from history, from nature, even from ‘human nature,’ which is now often believed to be an ideological ‘construct’ that is involved for repressive purposes. But what is this radical autonomy if not a modern dogma, conceived in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary? […]
On the other hand, many of us now believe that all previous arguments about human uniqueness and and non-natural or supernatural dimensions to the human person have been exploded by scientific advances. All our vaunted independence of mind and spirit, oiur free political and economic institutions, our ‘lifestyle choices,’ and our pride in our artistic creativity in music, painting, sculpture, poetry, and architecture are an illusion. [… But] can any society continue to believe in freedom as its foundation when it smost distinguished scientists argue that human behavior is roughly 60 percent the result of genes and the remainder ‘a complex algorithm of genes and environment?'”


  1. To put the question in different words, how successful can we be, if there is no society to enjoy this success? In the US they say, “we don’t have a society, but we have police!”

    Can we say that someone who owns all the goods and wealth in the world, yet he is afraid to walk in the alien streets of ‘his’ alien town, lives a successful life in a successful country?

  2. The answer to your question is obviously ‘no.’ This brings, however, another question: is ‘successful’ an appropriate word to describe the Western powers’ quasi-hypnotic rise to world dominion mainly through colonisliam and the market? In purely academic terms, it is an undeniable success, but I am not sure if this word is appropriate to describe the social and moral chaos that are now ours.