Even the United Nations is powerless against the inhumane brutality in Islamic countries that have not abolished the slave trade. Appalling stories continually flow out of the Sudan and surrounding countries. A July 1998 Sudan News and Views article by Dr. Yasin Miheisi stated: “According to Deng, the slave raiders were Islamic militias stationed in Babanussa, a town in western Kordofan. He claimed that they were holding 50,000 Dinka children captive and sometimes sent intermediaries to inform villagers that they should bring cattle to exchange for their children. Deng said that the UN should send a factfinding mission to the area to ‘investigate the abuses being committed against children, which included forced Islamization.

… Some of our children are taken as slaves and sent to Quranic schools in Djibouti, Mauritania, Gabon, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Libya,’ he charged.”

Under “Islamic law” (Shariah), slavery is legal. Sadly, this issue is basically ignored in the United States. Few, if any, American leaders Islamic or Christian, black or white — raise their voices against the atrocities of these religious zealots. The fighting is considered interracial faction — fighting simply because blacks are warring against other blacks. In reality, it is religious persecution, with Muslims persecuting and enslaving non-Muslims.



To accept Islam (and thus submit to Allah), is to embrace a seventh century Arabic culture that strictly adheres to the sayings of the prophet Mohammed (Hadith), which consist,among other things, of the following “rules for living”:

* Language — According to Muslims, Arabic is the only language of heaven (though ironically, the Koran contains certain foreign words that are Hebrew, Greek and Persian).