Even though Islam seems to be a harmless and non-confrontational religion in the Unites States today, it is a key factor in an often violent conflict with Israel over historical sites in the Middle East. For instance, the Muslims believe that they should have the sole claim to the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, where Mohammed is said to have supposedly ascended into Heaven. However, that landmark stands upon the foundation of Solomon’s temple, thus creating one among many contentions with the Jews.

In most nations where Islam is the predominant religion, Muslims have their own police force, and anyone who does not participate in public worship at the time of prayer is severely beaten or incarcerated. Islamic governments regularly terrorize their people under the banner of their religion.

The making of an Islamic state is often achieved by force and sometimes through ethnic cleansing, as was the case in the Balkans. A March 23,1998, Chicago Tribune report brought to light the following fact:

“The International Committee of the Red Cross said on Wednesday that more than 18,000 Bosnians were still missing three years after the 1992-95 war and that political indifference was hampering the search. The Red Cross said it had received 19,943 queries from families tracking missing relatives but the authorities in Bosnia’s autonomous Muslim-Croat federation and Serb republic had so far solved only 1,800 cases.”

In the Sudan and Nigeria, and especially in North Africa, this same ethnic cleansing occurs under the name of a holy war, also called jihad, and is fought against the “infidels” that comprise any population that is non-Muslim, regardless of creed. Ethnic militancy is intrinsic to the system.

Also common in Islamic culture is the brutality of family members towards a relative who has embraced a different religion. Even the killing of such a one is not uncommon, but rather it is considered a virtue that is pleasing to the prophet Mohammed and to Allah.