Greek original is also available side by side with the translation.

“Christ does not bless those who just teach, but those who have already worked His commands and received the Grace to see above and look in themselves the Light and the Thunders of the Spirit, thus having understood in a real vision, knowledge and energy of the Light, all that are going also to say and teach to the others. This is how, as we said, must rise those who try to teach others, so that they won’t talk about things they don’t know, deceiving and dooming themselves and those who believe their words.”

“Who is blind to the One, is completely blind to all. Who sees the One, has vision of all – and at any rate is removed from their vision, and in the vision of all becomes. Inside the One sees everything, but also in everything nothing of any thing does he see.”

“Whoever sees in the One through the One, sees clearly himself and all men and all things, and hidden inside the One, he doesn’t see anything of any thing.”

“Who has not worn the Image of our Lord Jesus Christ, the heavenly man and God, inside his mind and spiritual man, sensing well and knowing Him, is just blood so far and flesh, the sense of spiritual glory unable by words to receive, just as who are born blind, unable are to know the light of the sun by words alone.”

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