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Achilles sacrificing to Zeus (illuminated manuscript)

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Bob Dylan, I return once again to Homer

Europe - West, Greek history, Greek Language

Harry Mount, You study Greek to be yourself and to know yourself

Greek Poetry

Hektor (Hector)

Greek history

Philip Freeman on Alexander the Great

Greek Language, Modern literature

Oscar Wilde as a Classicist

Greek Poetry

Evelyn-White, On The Homeric Hymns

Greek Poetry

Evelyn-White, The Trojan Cycle of poems

Greek Poetry

Evelyn-White, Date of the Hesiodic Poems

Greek Poetry

Evelyn-White, The Theogony of Hesiod

Greek Language

All translations of Homer are erroneous

Greek history

Spartan Training

Greek history, Greek Poetry

Homer – The Blind Poet, The Grandest Poet the world has ever known

Greek history

Greek Truthfulness is spontaneous, natural, and effortless

Greek history, Philosophy

Burnet and the birth of philosophy in Greece

Greek history

Herodotus – father of what kind of history?

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Afro-Athena, Afro-Athanasius, Slavo-Alexander.. – Get the Picture?

Greek Library


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Gregory Nagy, God as a guide in Homer