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A. Bernstein, The bitter truth about the American educational establishment

Education, Europe - West, Politics

Listening to Thomas Sowell

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F. Hayek, Roots of modern liberty in ancient Greece

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Some theological issues raised by genetics


Keynes, not Hayek, is the major influence over the last century

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A genocide of Christians at the hands of Muslims

Christianity, Europe - West, Islam, Politics

The top 21 countries persecuting all Christians

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Pascal, The Conduct of God


Music and Freedom, an interview with Celibidache

Greek Library, Orthodox Christianity

St John Chrysostom of Constantinople, Understanding real profit and our responsibility and power

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Helene Glykatzi Ahrweiler, We have no other certainties but freedom and language

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The Superior Race of Germans

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Learning Greek without reason!

Orthodox Christianity

Mercy (St Mark the Ascetic)

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Embryo – III: Human by definition..

Europe - West, Philosophy

Embryo – II: Potentiality and Actuality

Three Millennia of Greek Literature