Some time ago a person who wanted to know not theology, but just painting or music, had to find a great master of that art, had to undergo many pains in order to find him, be accepted by him and probably achieve that knowledge. In the mass culture we created, thousands of bored ‘students’ may attend the most demanding of arts, as is theology, and then be named en masse “theologians”, even “Masters” of Theology.

Fine painters still exist, despite our mass culture, as also saints exist, worthy theological thinking too. What we have done, is that we created a general disrespect for theology, having identified it with the ‘thinking’ of the majority of our ‘theologians’, thus weakening the power of our churches to call new members and edify the old ones. We made of our faith, of the very highest truth, a cause for boredom. This is all that we did, simple to be expressed, yet painful when we sense its consequences for the life of our churches.

Cf. Gregory the Theologian, Principles of Theology