The great majority of the quotations attributed to him by various web sites, are either wrong, or loose paraphrases. When I encounter an exact quote, coming from Eckhart’s writings intact, I’m really surprised – but I have forgotten the last time such an encounter occured! Therefore, I decided to open a new section at the Meister Eckhart Site, with characteristic and most important sayings of Meister Eckhart, translated by me from the German and the Latin original (Kohlhammer’s edition).

Recall how important the sayings of the Church Fathers are. They are hints about a way each of us personally discovers anew, therefore, they seem easy but they are difficult because they expect or demand a personal preparation. This is why I consider most important the quotes-problem of Meister Eckhart. It’s a shame, because what Meister Eckhart really said can be a great spiritual companion.

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