Even if the Pope decided to become absolutely Orthodox, as I say in another post, this would not be enough for our traditions to be united. We must live together, work together, terminate the official ‘theological’ dialogues concerning our union, and let the union emerge, if it does, in the course of (much) time, naturally, out of our common life.

The concept now prevailing among those who favour the union is roughly: first we are united in doctrine, and then we start living together. This is wrong. First we live together for a long time, and out of our common life and love our doctrinal union may some time be achieved, when our traditions will have recognized clearly what they should keep and what to abandon in many issues, not only in doctrines.

I won’t say that the Catholic tradition is inferior. A tradition that gave Meister Eckhart can not be inferior in any way whatever. Yet, it can forget its very self and become inferior, as the condemnation of Meister Eckhart shows. If ever Meister Eckhart becomes the centre of your tradition, not at all by a papal decision, but in the whole life of the Catholic peoples, as in the Orthodox peoples the centre is in St. Symeon the New Theologian and in many other Fathers who enjoy direct and powerful experience of God, then our Churches will know that they can be united.

Imagine an Orthodox temple and a Catholic, an Orthodox icon and a Catholic, etc. We want them united, not side by side. If we put them side by side it will be an ugliness greater than putting a pyramid in Acropolis, precisely because their similarity is greater.

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