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Theology in Iconography.

By Sylvain Rey

The art is a reflection of theology. Men’s relationship with and longing for God have directed their representation of the divine Face, and of the entire Church with God. And because Western and Eastern Christian art diverge in fundamental ways, we may only see how widely our theologies have diverged.

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  1. Vasiliki

    The thing that is MOST striking about the Aghia Sophia when you enter is that you do indeed feel as if you are in heaven … although it is stripped completely of its Orthodox identity – heaven is in this building and most people will leave with a cense of overwhelming emotions inside them that they can not explain! That was also my experience … involuntary tears and wonder …

    I learnt that Iconography is not the only window to heaven. Post iconoclasm, we show a great emphasis on icons as part of our Orthodox culture but prior to this the Christians places a great emphasis on the architecture of the churces; this almost being forgotten in our day and age.

    Architecture (as well as art) is a critical window to heaven and patristically, in early church writings, we find many architectural analogies describing salvation in heaven …

    All these together – art, iconography, architecture and the spiritual and prayerful atmosphere of the participants all assist in creating heaven on earth!