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Ostrov – A Modern ‘Life’ of a Saint

“I had anticipated that somehow the clergy depicted would be subjected to at least subtle ridicule, which has become common practice in most films produced in the West. Refreshingly, this was not the case. I had never suspected that a work of such spiritual dynamism could arise so soon from the ashes of the Soviet Union. The main characters were presented as spiritually honest people, who consciously struggled with their human weaknesses. The presentation of Russian Orthodox monastic practice was quite intriguing and instructive.”

“”Ostrov” is a testimony for those interested about the Russian soul, which is deeply religious and rooted in Orthodox Christianity. I think the main target of the movie were the Russian themselves, or maybe, by extension, those nations who are traditionally Orthodox Christian, but forgot their roots. The movie tries to bring into attention the essence of Orthodox Christian belief – the reunification of man with God, which is done through repentance and unceased prayer, in humbleness and ascetic struggle. According to the same beliefs, God is the one who works this union in co-operation with the man. Nevertheless, beside it’s religious significance, “Ostrov” has a brilliant image directing, with superb shots of the remote locations, and a very good and balanced script – even a surprising final turnaround, for those who may have felt the need for it.”

Fr Anatoli (Ostrov movie screenshot)

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  1. Sylvain

    This is a movie I definitely should watch. Thank you for writing a review about it! As far as Orthodoxy in Russia is concerned, not everything seems rosy, however. Bishop Hilarion of Austria recently pointed out that the lifestyle of Russians is becoming increasingly Westernized, and that Russians will consequently become more secularized and turn away from religion. We can only hope that such movies will help resist this trend.

  2. Anda

    Have a blessed Lent!

  3. pelerinul88

    Un film fascinant…am plins cind l-am vazut…merita sa-l priviti! Dumnezeu sa ne ajute si sa ne miluiasca pe toti…

  4. vikas

    Hi!This is awesome blog.Ostrov is a nice movie represents orthodox Christianity.
    Thanks for reading.