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Ostrov – A Modern ‘Life’ of a Saint

“I believe that “Ostrov” (the Island) is among the great pieces of world and Russian cinema somewhere close to Bergman and Tarkovsky. For Russia – it is an important and timely message. For those who want to know more of “the mysterious Russian [indeed, the Orthodox] soul” – it is an excellent description. I’ve hardly seen a better one. For all taking the spiritual development seriously – the film will also be useful no matter what is their religion. People say that they are becoming better and cleaner after watching the film. Those who are used to a lot of action on the screen would require to concentrate. It is more a meditation rather than a blockbuster. Strongly recommend to watch.”

“This movie is a cry for God, for repentance, for continuous prayer, for simplicity and humbleness, especially now in a Babylonian “unified” world where “political correctness” is more important than anything spiritual that might turn man to God. We know how to say “I’m sorry” in many sophisticated and intellectual ways but we don’t feel it. We are cold. A movie that has the power to save our souls. From the same realm, the last excellent film I saw was Tarkovsky’s Andrei Rublev. You don’t need 10 lines of text to summarize this movie…. one word that defines perfectly this masterpiece is “prayer”!”

“Ostrov gives the viewer a rare and deeper than ever before glimpse at a “starets” (elder) and “iurodivy” (fool for Christ), embodied by the main character Fr. Anatoli. These spiritual figures – unique to Eastern Orthodox Christianity – possess a prophetic spiritual insight, and in the case of the iurodivy use odd behavior and humor to spiritually awaken those around them. The film is set in an isolated skete during Soviet times, when Russian society was forcibly steeped into atheism. The film’s actors deliver top notch performances, the cinematography is excellent, and the sound design is thought through. A great film for those who want to get a truly spiritual experience, and encounter a world that few in the west are familiar with.”


  1. Sylvain

    This is a movie I definitely should watch. Thank you for writing a review about it! As far as Orthodoxy in Russia is concerned, not everything seems rosy, however. Bishop Hilarion of Austria recently pointed out that the lifestyle of Russians is becoming increasingly Westernized, and that Russians will consequently become more secularized and turn away from religion. We can only hope that such movies will help resist this trend.

  2. Anda

    Have a blessed Lent!

  3. pelerinul88

    Un film fascinant…am plins cind l-am vazut…merita sa-l priviti! Dumnezeu sa ne ajute si sa ne miluiasca pe toti…

  4. vikas

    Hi!This is awesome blog.Ostrov is a nice movie represents orthodox Christianity.
    Thanks for reading.