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Select Videos about Byzantium and Orthodoxy

Interesting videos about Byzantium and Orthodoxy are now available online. Here is a selection:

Byzantium : The Lost Empire

Treasures from the Byzantine Millennium: Sacred Mount Athos (27:19 min)

Holy Mount Athos – 5 Minutes of Views and Chanting

Liturgy at Mount Athos (3:40 min)

Byzantine Hymns, Images, Places (10 min)

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  1. Grateful Reader

    Excellent! You do a terrific job here, George. Thanks so much!

  2. Peter Kontogiannis

    Does any one have any ideas relating to whether it could be perceived as an adulteration of the holy language of Christianity(, i.e. the Holy Spirits use of Greek, )to mix English in with Greek during Greek liturgical ceremonies?
    Some Greeks, and lovers of Greek religion and civilization of whatever genetic stripe, have felt it a desacration and a rape of the language of the Holy Spirit used in the Greek church? Should English be kept separate from Greek mysteries?

  3. There is no ‘holy language of Christianity’. Of course we don’t underestimate the importance of Greek, but the concept of a ‘holy language’ belongs to Islam, not to Christianity, which is the reason why Byzantines, despite the orientation of their whole life to Faith, from the beginning allowed and encouraged the use of a people’s native language in worship and study.


    The Greeks that feel today ‘a desacration’ in the use of English, think about their own identity, which is in peril where they live. I don’t deny, on the contrary, their will to keep their native language, but this can not be accomplished with false arguments.

  4. PW

    Fantastic website! Can anyone please tell me the meaning of the word ELLOPOS.

    Thank you,