In addition, he identifies seven kinds of relative worship.45 This kind of worship may be offered to created things.

1. Places where God has rested – Holy Places
a. Includes people – Theotokos and the Saints
b. God dwells in them

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c. “…they are truly gods, not by nature but because they partake of the divine nature…”
2. Places where God has accomplished our salvation
a. Mt. Sinai, Nazareth, the cave and manger of Bethlehem, …
3. Objects dedicated to God
a. E.g. the holy Gospel and other books
b. Patens, chalices, censers, candlesticks, altars
c. Dan 5:2 – Belshazzar made people serve wine in sacred vessels and God brought his kingdom to an end – signifying the sacredness of stuff
4. Images that were seen by prophets
a. Aaron’s rod (prefigured the mystery of the virgin)
b. The cross
5. Each other
a. We are God’s inheritance and were made according to His image
6. Those who have been given authority to rule over us
a. Pharoah – Gen 50:18 – Joseph and his brothers prostrated themselves (Proskynesis) before Pharoah
7. Masters by their servants