A Brief Critique of The Orthodox Theology of Icons

The Implications of A Theology of Equality Between Image And Word, Contradictions in the Theology of Icons, Orthodoxy And The Other Arts, The Dangers of Veneration as Idolatry, Problems In The Idea of Beauty, Eliminating the Personality of the Icon Painter, Problems Related to the Iconostasis, Symbol In Contemporary Evangelical Churches, Differences Between Western and Eastern Theological Perspectives, Anti-image Sentiment in the Post Reformation Church, A Healthy Understanding of Symbol, The Possibility of Veneration In The Evangelical Church, The Proper Introduction of Icon, Practical Applications For The Use Of Symbol In Evangelical Churches, Teaching on Images, Images on PowerPoint, Icons for the Home, Seriousness of The Arts As They Relate To Faith, Conclusion

Glossary and Bibliography


This project begins with a brief overview of the theology and use of icon in the Orthodox Church. Aspects of the icon that will be considered include: the understanding of Tradition in the Orthodox Church; origins of the use of icons; the development of the theology of icons; the iconoclastic controversies and the defense of icons; an understanding of veneration; image as authoritatively equal to Word; and some themes, examples and practical use of icons. Following this overview will be a brief critique of Orthodox doctrine and use of the icon. This critique will be primarily helpful toward the third section of the project, which will be to draw potential applications for the use of symbol in the evangelical church today. In fact, the evangelical church already uses symbol, but often without a great deal of thought. This study is significant in that the thoughtful use of symbol, and potentially, some kind of use of icon, is essential for effective ministry during the postmodern era. This project will seek to develop a healthy theology of the use of image in worship that can be applied to an evangelical context.