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Jesus Christ – how do we like His name?

A Trinitarian God can be a scandal for the mind of a common man, and if this God is even united with man in the person of Jesus Christ, the scandal becomes even greater. In the efforts of the Church not to betray and distort these mysteries of Christianity, the use of names is very important. Some “preference” for the name Christ can be explained, in my opinion, as a way to avoid heretic dangers, those who tend to understand Him rather as an enlightened man or a saint than God.


  1. Stavros

    Καλα Χριστουγεννα και ευτυχισμενος ο καινουριος χρονος


    Μy Greek Odyssey

  2. David

    This is a fascinating discussion on the name above all names. For me, I defer to my experience to direct me. When I first converted to Christianity, it was because of a mystical experience that occurred late one evening as I slept. I was awoken by a beautiful presence that engulfed me in serenity. I was warm and light. Although I had previously denied the truth of Christianity, I opened my mouth and uttered the words, seemingly uncontrollably, “I love you Jesus”. As I began to discover prayer, I found that the name Jesus held particularly heartful resonances for me.

    So theology aside, my personal experience shows me the way.

    Thank-you for the opportunity to share this with you all.

    with love in Jesus, who is Christ.