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The problem of Theodicy again

Then one understands also that disasters should be even bigger, that God chooses to help us in slower and milder ways than what our progress really needs, ie that He avoids to discomfort us, He ‘pampers’ us, I would say. When such a subtle and mild intervention occurs in our lives, easily one understands in what an abyss of dementia are found those who see Him as ‘wild’ or ‘indifferent’ or ‘unjust’.


  1. Jack

    Thank you for taking the time to provide these insights. I will take what you have written to heart. I was prompted in large part to ask you about this because the dispensationalist “talk radio” crowd, in their hyper-literal simplicity, uses out of context the OT “god of war” as justification for war, no matter how unjust. I tried to imagine myself debating someone with that viewpoint, & knew I wouldn’t do a very good job.

  2. Searching for justification of war in the Bible means that we decided to declare ourselves Gods – unless President X confessed that God appeared to him and ordered him to make war… During its one thousand years of life Byzantium never used the Bible as excuse of war – and only very cautiously accepted as fair the concept of a purely defensive war. On the contrary in the West we saw the Crusades, we saw the burning of millions of people because they were ‘heretics’, even the attack against Constantinople… There are obviously other reasons for all of this, not the Bible.