By St. Gregory Palamas : Calling everything near Him (bilingual – Greek / English – excerpts from Speeches 4, 7, 9, 16 and 29, selected and translated by Elpenor) 

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Gregory Palamas extensive Anthology (in the Greek Original, without translation)

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St. Gregory Palamas, Discourse on the feast of the Entry of Theotokos into the Holy of Holies 

St. Gregory Palamas, complete works in Greek original, first volume (zipped, 1,3 MB, unicode) 

Triodion – Second week of Lent Saturday Vespers 

Hierotheos of Naupaktos, St. Gregory Palamas as a hagiorite 

Gregory Palamas : A Historical Study , P. Christou – The Teaching of Gregory Palamas on Man 

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