Another reviewer compares with ‘normal’ Hollywood movies: “This movie is a breath of fresh air from the Hollywood machine that churns out lifeless epics, tasteless comedies, and meaningless dramas in the name of money. ‘I Am David’ aims not to collect big at the box office, but to convey passion and art through cinema… Most movies these days have no redeeming value whatsoever, but with ‘David’ this is not the case. It saddens me that Americans would prefer the rehashed, regurgitated crap of Hollywood over this brilliant work of art.”

The movie is indeed a “journey of hope and discovery”, and, as we read in another comment, it “speaks to the purest parts of the soul, beckoning the viewers to take not just a journey with David, but to the innermost parts of themselves”. What could this mean?

If in our innermost parts lies the reason or purpose or meaning of our being, this movie will let us explore it to the degree that we have our meaning in the opposites of cruelty, suspicion, indifference and betrayal. It is a journey to qualities of being, and we are ‘seduced’ to it by the gifted presence of David, of a boy that doesn’t change his destiny, but ‘just’ refuses to abandon the qualities upon which his innermost parts are built, until he is given a world where these qualities can blossom. But he had to go through terrible suffering, the poor child, until he was not sure even if his own mother remembered him, so that when they meet he says to her, “I am David”.

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