Dinesh D Souza, The Greatness of Christianity: Table of Contents

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“We shall first try to manifest the truth that faith professes and reason investigates, setting forth demonstrative and probable arguments, so that the truth may be confirmed and the adversary convinced.” —Thomas Aquinas, Summa Contra Gentiles

WE HAVE SEEN IN THE previous chapters how Christianity forms the heart of Western civilization, shaping ideas and institutions that have persisted for two millennia. In the next few chapters I will examine the relationship between Christianity and science. Specifically, I will consider whether there is an inherent antagonism between the two; atheist writers often portray an ongoing war between them. The conflict, Sam Harris writes, is “zero sum.”‘ E. 0. Wilson proclaims it an “insoluble” enmity, and the popular media breathlessly publicizes this theme of combat, as when Time magazine titled its cover story on November 13, 2006, “God vs. Science.”