Nominalism is the opposite position which says: only. Peter and Paul, only this tree, at Riverside Drive, at the corner of 116th (the big one there!): that alone exists, and not “treehood,” not the power of treehood, which makes it become one and which makes all the small ones develop – if the boys don’t destroy them! Here you have an example of the difference in feeling. If you look at a tree, you can feel nominalistically and say, “This is a real thing; if I run against it, I will hurt my head.” But you also can look at it and can be astonished, that of all the tree-seeds thrown into the soil, always this structure, shooting up and spreading its branches, etc., develops. And if you do this, then you can see in this big tree “treehood,” and not just a big tree. And in Peter and Paul, you can see not only these particular individuals, but also the nature of man, manhood, as a power which makes it possible that all men have this character.