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Anaxagoras: Nous (Bilingual Greek / English text)

J. Marshall, Anaxagoras

Anaxagoras Fragments and Commentary, edited and translated by A. Fairbanks.

Life of Anaxagoras, by Diogenes Laertius.

Die wunderbare Welt des Anaxagoras, by Jan Thor (pdf).

Anaxagoras at Amazon

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  1. a.dimitriou

    Ι have a manuscript with comments and references in English and text in ancient GREEK. I cannot figure out neither the
    comments author nor the grek text author. I have gathered that the whole paper was written between 1925 and
    1935,but solid evidence is lacking. The references contained are numerous but the greek text is sort of complex,difficult and highly illegible in parts. Τhe whole paper looks poorly maintained and bug bitten. Let me know if there is any interest
    in it.

    a,dimitriou [email protected]