Self-denial must be cultivated with discernment, otherwise we reach the point of suicide.

We are on the high seas of life, sometimes there are storms and at other times calm. God’s grace does not leave us. Else, we would have sunk, if he had not held us up.

The saints always look to the other life. It is the grace of the remembrance of death.

God guards us from temptation. He does not allow us to be tempted beyond our strength. He allows everything for our good.

Leave all your concerns to the hands of God. Ask for whatever you want, like a child asking from its father.

Our deeds, dear sister, will not save us; God’s infinite mercy will.

Everything seems dark and difficult to a person without Christ.

Never ever give importance to anything earthly and fleeting. Take care of your spiritual union with God instead.

When you hear your name being criticized act as if you didn’t hear. This is Paradise, this is perfection.

Christ is near us even if we don’t see Him. Sometimes, from his great love, He gives us a slap too.

You should be glad. Jesus holds an artists chisel in His hands. He wants to prepare you a statue for the Heavenly Palace.