In the course of the war, Philopoemen was led into an artfully arranged ambuscade, and was taken in chains to Messenia, where, notwithstanding his gray hair, he was exposed to the jeers of the common people.

After thus humiliating him, they led him to the place of torture; but when he heard that his army had escaped from the ambush, he fervently cried, “I die happy, since the Achaeans are safe.”

This only hastened the end of the brave patriot, who has been called the “Last of the Greeks,” because he was the last to try to maintain his country’s independence.

The Achaeans soon after took the town of Messenia, stoned all Philopoemen’s murderers on his tomb, and carried his ashes to Megalopolis, his native city, where they were buried with great pomp.

From: H. A. Guerber, The Story of the Greeks; edited for this online publication, by ELLOPOS BLOG