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The father will not agree with his children, nor the children with their father, nor guest with his host, nor comrade with comrade; nor will brother be dear to brother as aforetime. Men will dishonour their parents as they grow quickly old, and will carp at them, chiding them with bitter words, hard-hearted they, not knowing the fear of the gods. They will not repay their aged parents the cost their nurture, for might shall be their right: and one man will sack another’s city. There will be no favour for the man who keeps his oath or for the just or for the good; but rather men will praise the evil-doer and his violent dealing. Strength will be right and reverence will cease to be; and the wicked will hurt the worthy man, speaking false words against him, and will swear an oath upon them. Envy, foul-mouthed, delighting in evil, with scowling face, will go along with wretched men one and all. And then Aidos and Nemesis, with their sweet forms wrapped in white robes, will go from the wide-pathed earth and forsake mankind to join the company of the deathless gods: and bitter sorrows will be left for mortal men, and there will be no help against evil…   From Hesiod’s, Five Generations of Men 

Hesiod (Bilingual – Greek/English): In the beginning was Nothing & Five Generations of Men 

Hesiod’s Works and Days (full text) in English

Hesiod’s Theogony (full text) in English

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  1. Blaise Szekely

    My mother, Helene Szekely (86 years of age, born in Hungary) was trying to remember some old Greek poem, which lists of seven cities where Homer might have been born in Greece.. Some words she recalls and which I have written (phonetically): hepta poleis…diaridzussi…praridza Homerum…


    Thank you for any help you can give me.


    Blaise Szekely
    Rossland, B.C. (Canada)

  2. Ἑπτὰ πόλεις μάρνανται σοφὴν διὰ ῥίζαν Ὁμήρου: Σμύρνη, Χίος, Κολοφών, Ἰθάκη, Πύλος, Ἄργος, Ἀθῆναι – although this post belongs to the Homer page, not to Hesiod!

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