The main problem with Islam isn’t that it is a stupid religion, as some people say, but that it is a violent one. I personally consider Scientology to be a stupid creed, but I haven’t heard about many people living in fear that Tom Cruise will cut off their head while quoting poems of L. Ron Hubbard and then post a video of the deed on the Internet. Christianity and Judaism are NOT like Islam. The concept of Jihad is unique to Islam among all major religions.

We do have a shared humanity [human nature] with Muslims, as we do with everybody else, but we do not have a shared [cultural] heritage with them.

By Fjordman; excerpts, edited by Ellopos Blog. Additions in [brackets] and emphasis in bold or italics by Ellopos Blog. Full text here. Cf.  Koran – The invention of an artificial religion  * Fitna movie  * Would the world be better off without Islam?